Which peanut butter is best?

It's made from high oleic peanuts... A special kind of peanut with more 'good fats'

Which peanut butter is best?
New peanut butter who dis

This article should be called 'the healthiest peanut butter'.

But I didn't think you'd read that fatty. Read on to hear about:

  • high oleic peanut butter (better for you)
  • My brand of choice, ManiLife

What is high oleic peanut butter?

hi-oleic what?

I never thought I'd become a peanut butter influencer.

It all began last week. I was at my local climbing gym chilling in the cafe. They sell single bananas for 60p (54p with member discount), a cheap and healthy snack.

But I wanted to jazz it up a bit. So I walked over to nearby healthfood shop, Planet Organic. I knew I'd be splashing out on a nice jar because nothing in their is cheap. My friend Hari says his girlfriend goes weak at the knees for Mani-Life, so I gave it a shot.

It's delicous. Like you'd expect. But one ingredient caught my eye. ‌‌*hi-oleic peanuts 99.1%*

High Oleic peanuts have a different fat profile to regular peanuts.

source: https://pca.com.au/pca-profile/hi-oleic-the-best-peanuts-yet/

The key things about hi-oleic peanuts are:

  • they have more monosaturated fats
  • and less polysaturated fats
I am an artist

What does this mean?!

I'm not a scientist. And I don't play one on the internet. But...

Put simply. Hi-oleic peanuts have a fat profile more similar to olive oil. Look at the bar chart and you'll see they match up close. Regular peanuts have a fat profile closer to rapeseed oil (also known as canola oil).

Mono-saturated fats (high in olive oil and hi-oleic peanuts) are linked to postive things like:

  • known to be heart-healthy and heat-stable
  • high oxidative stability (less likely to go rancid)
  • longer shelf life

Poly-saturated fats (high in rapeseed oil and regular peanuts) are linked to negative things like:

  • obiesty
  • insulin resistance
  • low oxidative stabilty (more likely to go rancid)
  • shorter shelf life

My favourite pick (in the uk)

My current go to is Mani-Life's Original roast smooth. £4, 295g.

I don't fuck with crunchy. It's harder to spread, and I don't like the bits.
Smooth boi 4 life.
They also have a 'Deep Roast' version which is richer. I like it too, but had a bad experience with seperation. The normal version seems to be more stable in that way.

There are two popular hi-oleic peanut butters in the UK. ManiLife and Pip & Nut. Both claim to use 100% hi-oleic peanuts. And are likely very similar.

Pip & Nut is cheaper. But I choose ManiLife because they have published numbers on the fat- breakdown in their peanut butter. I like the transparency.

taken from their hi-oleic peanuts blog post

3 Star Reviews from Amazon (my favourite critics)

I breakdown why Amazon 3 star reviews are the holy grail for feedback in this post.  (scroll down to bottom)

Size isn't everything

A common complaint is the smaller jars taste better than the big 1KG tubs. I've found this is be true myself. I recommend you stick with the smaller jars.
Small jars > big tubs (across brands)

From Deutschland with love

This review is translated from german Amazon. She can't say enough good things about the texture. But like many translated european reviews, finds it too salty.

Frank giving off some 1-star energy 

Frank the italian is not impressed. He can't take the salt. You've been warned.