Shrinking my Boosted Board to fit inside a gym locker

Shrinking my Boosted Board to fit inside a gym locker

I could never get my boosted board to fit inside the lockers at my gym. It's been a huge pain in the ass for me. I'd either have to carry it around the gym with me or ask the office to store it away. But recently a woman who works there said no electric vehicles are allowed on site so I can't do that anymore.

The lockers were nearly big enough. So I decided to trim a bit of the deck away to get it to fit inside.

I have two boosted stealth's and a spare deck. So was prepared to fuck one up in the name of science.

I ordered this katsu trim router with a flush cutting bit and used one board as the template. The battery could be shuffled down one screw row to move it back about 20mm. The ESC can stay where it is.

I clamped one deck to the other as my template, but shuffled back about 30mm for the front cut and 10mm for back. Then cut it away with the router.

I was worried the deck wouldn't be solid enough inside for this to work. Because of the snowboard like construction. But it's super strong and I'm not concerned at all it's going to break.

I drilled some new mounting holes for the trucks and put it all back together.

The wheelbase is slightly shorter and the deck is 40mm shorter. I can't tell the difference riding it around. However one thing has changed...

This bitch now fits in the locker baby

Success! I can now sneak my forbidden skateboard into the gym and store it away safely. By using the deck as a template it has kept the original boosted deck shape and looks totally normal (photo below).

If it didn't have another deck I would've 3d printed a template to use instead. This would have worked better probably.

The short king.

Bye for now.