How to Fix the Udemy video black screen

How to fix the annoying Udemy video black screen problem.

How to Fix the Udemy video black screen
Annoying black screen. Can only hear audio

Are you trying to learn something important on Udemy but you only see a black screen? You can hear them but can't see dick? Me too! I found a fix.

chrome settings to fix udemy video black screen
make sure to disable hardware acceleration

I am doing this on my Macbook Air M1. But it should help you out too.

I tried both chrome and safari and had black screen in both.

But theres an easy fix in chrome.

Go into settings/system/disable hardware acceleration.

You'll need to restart chrome but after that the video should work fine.


I was super bummed when I paid £25 for a Javascript that did not work at all. Fortunately I found a fix and started learning.

I hope this helps someone in the future.

Did you find a way to fix it in Safari? Leave a comment if you did.

(not a huge chrome fan) :)