Fellow Mug Review

This thermos is wide enough to brew directly into. Stays hot for hours and doesn't affect taste. Let me explain...

Fellow Mug Review

This thermos is wide enough to brew directly into. Stays hot for hours and doesn't affect taste. Let me explain...

I spent hours stressing over which thermos to buy for my aeropress so you don't have to. It was like the netflix scroll of death but for coffee gear.

Quick heads up before we dive in:

  • it's not gonna fit in your cupholder
  • it has no sippy cup lid. It's open or closed.

But it's still the best. Lets dive in.

Fellow Carter Everywhere 16oz in Matte Black

The Fellow Carter Everywhere (12oz / 16oz)

Fellow are respected for making cool coffee gear. I vouch for their stuff if you've never heard of them.

I've been taking a thermos of aeropress brewed coffee with me everyday for a week in this guy. I really love it. And paid for it with my own money (I actually bought two). So you can trust me.

What I love:

  • The thin lip. It's got a super thin lip on the rim, like a wine glass.
    And it's a pleasure to drink from
  • The wide opening. Your nose sort of dives into it, and it helps with tasting the coffee (the experts say). The wide-ness also helps dump in chunky ice cubes. And makes cleaning easy.
  • Aeropress fits perfectly. It's made for it. And saves so much hassle brewing into a jug first. And by brewing directly into it, your coffee will stay hotter.
  • It stays hot for hours. Literally all day. I finish my coffee in 4-5 hours usually. But it's never gotten cold. They claim 12 hours and I believe it.
  • No weird taste. Theres no silicone or plastic bits. I hate those because they always end up tasting like ass. Inside it's coated in ceramic, to prevent 'stainless steel weird taste' that other thermos suffer from.
  • It stays cold for even longer. When I take a bath I fill this up with ice and water and sip on it while I'm soaking in the tub. It stays FREEZING cold. They claim 24 hours and I believe it.
  • It's real sexy looking. I love the simple capsule shape. It's got a nice matte textured feel. And it comes in many colours.

Cons: (note I am blinded by love)

  • A common complaint is the lid is hard to open. It's completely smooth and so theirs not much to grip on to. Trying to open it after a long climbing seshing when my grip is weak is tougher than it should be maybe. I welcome the challenge.
  • It came in a tight cloth bag. It's kind of useless. But also so tight you won't bother to try get it back inside (tent repacking vibes). Strongly recommend Fellow get rid of this and save themselves $0.30.
  • Not the most secure base. Those big sexy curves mean the base has less contact with the surface it sits on. I'd say it's easier to knock over than some cups. But stable enough. Pay attension when plunging with your aeropress friends.

3 Star Reviews from Amazon (my favourite critics)

Whenever I research a product I check out the 3 star reviews. What on earth for you ask yourself? Let me tell you

The mindsets of amazon reviewers are quite predictable. Most people don't take the time to ever write one. Those who do have strong opinions.

  • The 3 star reviewer mindset: Gives fair critiques. Has gained some value from the product. Probably won't return it. But wants to let you know about the one thing that annoyed  them a bit.
  • The 4 or 5 star reviewer mindset: Loves the product. Maybe uploads a useful pic. Sometimes writes 400 words about how it helped them grow as a person. Is often a "Vine Voice" whatever the hell that means.
  • The 1 star reviewer: Likes using capital letters. HATES EVERYTHING. This person is the toxic voice of the internet. They've been shadow-banned on instagram and don't have unsupervised access to their grandchildren.

The lid does do that drippy thing! I put butter in my coffee (shout out to the keto-bros) and give it a shake before opening. This flings coffee into the lid. I combat the drippy drippy by holding the lid over the cup for a second, letting it drip off.

Another cup-holder bites the dust... I don't drive a car or operate any vehicles with cupholders. So I don't care about this.

But if cup-holders are your religon they do make a slimmer version of the same cup, that does fit. It's not wide enough to brew with aeropress though.

This man is clearly a connoisseur. And possibly minored in Anthropology. He values taste and has my ear. I agree with him on the "large drinking hole" but disagree with him on the benefits of a thick ceramic lip.

I often drink coffee in a glass becasue I like the thin lip so much.

Price and where to buy

I'm in the UK. And paid £35 from Amazon.

It typically goes for £30-£35. Thats a premium price but not outragous in my opinion. The prices vary drastically on amazon depending on colour from £33 to over £50.
I try to buy on amazon for the convinience. I think the white looks best, but it was a crazy price. So picked a cheaper one with fast delivery.

If your in the USA it's probably a bit cheaper for you.