Things I've 3D printed

Interesting things I've made with my 3D printer.

Things I've 3D printed

I've been 3D printing for years now. I LOVE it.

So I thought it'd be fun to look through my projects. And review what I've made.

Bulb Shape Lamp

exploaded render

When making this I imagined holding it above my head.
Like I've had a great idea. Bing!

The bulb shape bit unscrews to reveal a standard E27 lamp socket. It's super satisfying to screw/unscrew. I love 3d printed threads.

It diffuses the light really well. So it's not harsh on the eyes. A good bedside table lamp. I made one for my friend Jenny and she tells me she love it.

Swing Lamp Wall Mount (I sold these on eBay)

first version. 2nd version is sexier

I made this so I could move around my lamps on swing arms.
Sometimes I wanted extra light over my desk or whatever.

One day my friend asked me for one too. So I put it on ebay to see if anyone else did. Surprise!...

They did. I was selling them for £15. Which seemed a bit absured. But it had to be worth my time.

I ended up selling about £500 worth of them over the year. And is was pretty low effort to fufill.

MPCNC (mostly printed cnc machine)

actually the 2nd one I built

They used CNC machines at my job at the time.
But I wasn't allowed to play with it.

I couldn't afford to spend much on one. But I discovered this open-source project called MPCNC. It claims to be the most afforable diy cnc option.

I thought it looked awesome! And it ended up costing me about £200 all in.

The V1 engineering forum is super active. There are some die-hard fans of the project on there. I highly rate this thing. I properly learned how to use a CNC machine. So it was very valuable to me.

I now had a 3D printer and a CNC machine! A absolute CAD-CAM powerhouse now!

Disclaimer: if you run a CNC machine in your shared house your flat-mates will get very angry...

Replacement Foot for vintage Chair

3d printed copy left. Original right 

Everyone's got a side hustle these days.

My girlfriends mum is no exception.

She buys and sells vintage furniture. And had this set of 4 chairs. But one was missing a plastic foot cover. Finding a replacement for a 40 year old chair is near impossible.

So she asked if I could print her one and it turned out great.
Achievement Unlocked! The mothers approval. +1000 exp

a perfect fit. like cinderella 

Pso-rite massage tool knock-off

yes it took ages to print

I was suffering with some back pain. And was running out of remedies to try.

I'd read online that it could be due to a tight psoas muscle. Theres a massage-tool called a Pso-Rite (Pso-rite-so-good...). But it was well expensive. So I decided to print one instead.

Amazingly... Someone had already had this idea. And shared the model on thingyverse. So I just had to hit print and wait many many hours.

Shower head mount

from third world to first 

I was staying at my dads. And he had one of those bath-shower jobbies.

So the only way you could shower was squating down and holding it above your body. It's fucking stupid.

I was either that or take a full on bath every morning. Which to me felt a bit messed up. Who am I the kind of england?

So I made this little bracket for him.

And now you can shower like a human being.

Campervan Toothbrush holders

his and hers 

Last year I built a campervan with my girlfriend. I printed a few bits and bobs for it during the build (read on for more).

This was sort of the bathroom section of the van. And I found these toothbrush holders on thingy-verse. They even have little gender symbols on them if your into that.

I broke mine 1 day into the trip. I used PLA for these. I recommend printing any functional parts from PET-G. It's a lot stronger.

Prusa Mini Timelapse Rig

Have you ever seen those mesmarising timelapses of 3d prints on youtube?

I wanted to make my own. And that best way to get high quality photos is to use a DSLR.

I bought a remote shutter trigger for my Canon 30D. And cut off the trigger part and soldered it onto this microswitch. Now when you click the switch the camera takes a photo.

I designed this bracket to hold the switch above the x-axis. This would put the switch in reach of the printers print-head. So I could trigger it automatically.

With some clever g-code you can get the printer to move over to the micro-switch and take a photo at each layer. You don't even need octoprint!

Here's the g-code I use:

G1 X180 Y179 F{travel_speed*60} ;Move away from the print
G4 S0 ;Wait for printer to move
G4 P250 ;Wait for 250ms (so photo isn't blurry)

Dig around on the internet and you'll find loads on how to do this.

Desk mount for M1 iMac power adapter

So the new iMac came out. The one with M1 processor and lot of snazzy colours.

But what stood out to me was it's external power supply. It's not like apple to have external power suppy. Even the Mac Mini has is built inside.

I thought this was a bummer. So I designed this desk mount for the power adapter. It sticks under the desk and you click the power adapter into it.

I posted it to reddit and it got over 1000 upvotes. I'm selling them on my website now.

Toilet Roll Holder

Another one for my Dad's bathroom...

He also didn't have a toilet roll holder. I don't get this guy.

He could've ordered one online. Or ran down to a hardware store. But he didn't because he's an animal.

I designed this simple one. You can get the file here on printables.
I recommend PET-G for this.